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    Horrific! They lied and said they were with Metlife. They are not! Metlife has never heard of this company, nor the names of the people that we spoke to. Metlife was NOT happy at all to hear about this. They have no right to sell Metlife products period. Stay away from this company. Who knows what they are doing with your social security numbers. Which the never should have asked for to begin with.. They kept us waiting for months just to get a quote! Then kept passing the blame onto another employee stating it takes 7 business days to receive a quote. I have spoken to several REAL brokers and they laughed. It doesn't take anytime to get a quote nor to be signed up and receive benefits. Changing your name to One Digital is not going to help you get away from terrible customer service and lies. What you are doing is fraudulent and you have been reported. Oh and we monitor our credit by the way.
    By Florida PieLady, March 27, 2018
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    Teacher's not helping kid's an all they do is call you an complain, u put ur kids in tutorial still they complain. Alot of kids complain about this school... A student told me a teacher say... They dont have to teach they will still get pay, .. They failing ur child an punishing the whole class when 1 student act up. One boy say he make A an B an the teacher took points off him when the class up up. If ur child not acting up they drop their grade y because of another student or they didnt put enough writing on their school work.... Y... Parents dont let the teacher make your child fail. I' m trying reall hard with mine an still its not good enough. A girl told me some of the teachers have problem at home an they take it out on the kids. Teachers textin an talkin on their phone. They giving them work on top of work an not even giving them enough time to finish. I would like to put my son in another school but from the looks of all the other school reviews... Its just sad an disappointing.....its like u better off giving them home school.... Stand up for ur kids parents... U want a better education for ur child u must stand up an make sure they get it...
    By Jennifer Thomas, March 26, 2018
  • I just enrolled my daughter & I was very pleased with how the staff treated me, it;s a great location & my child seems to get along well with the other children. They worked with me on the rates & I am very appreciative of that
    By A Google User, March 26, 2018
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    Toria Allen is so unprofessional I couldn't help but laugh.. while talking to me she was on her phone and she was smacking on that dam ice!? WHILE IM SITTING AT HER DESK it took everything in me not to take a picture smh.. hopefully this review will make her do better
    By Raashad F, March 25, 2018

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