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McNair High School

Full information about McNair High School — 1804 Bouldercrest Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30316 Georgia 30316

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1804 Bouldercrest Road,
Atlanta, Georgia

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+1 678-874-4902



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    Teacher's not helping kid's an all they do is call you an complain, u put ur kids in tutorial still they complain. Alot of kids complain about this school... A student told me a teacher say... They dont have to teach they will still get pay, .. They failing ur child an punishing the whole class when 1 student act up. One boy say he make A an B an the teacher took points off him when the class up up. If ur child not acting up they drop their grade y because of another student or they didnt put enough writing on their school work.... Y... Parents dont let the teacher make your child fail. I' m trying reall hard with mine an still its not good enough. A girl told me some of the teachers have problem at home an they take it out on the kids. Teachers textin an talkin on their phone. They giving them work on top of work an not even giving them enough time to finish. I would like to put my son in another school but from the looks of all the other school reviews... Its just sad an disappointing.....its like u better off giving them home school.... Stand up for ur kids parents... U want a better education for ur child u must stand up an make sure they get it...
    By Jennifer Thomas, March 26, 2018
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    Do not enroll your child into this school. They are terrible. The staff is rude. I called to ask about registration because I was given info to call the school. The lady that answered the phone was so rude. And yelled at me for asking questions. I told her what I had been told the previous day and her reply was well what do you want from me. After being given the run around for two days you think someone at the school would be willing to help me find the right answers. Avoid this school at all cost. My child would not be attending this horrible institution. If the office staff doesnt even care about the students then I can only imagine what the teachers are like. And judging by the tons of other bad reviews this school needs to be shut down or taken over by people who actually care.
    By Chekena Wells, February 27, 2018
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